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Operation Wolfpack | |PX| Clan
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Operation Wolfpack

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Commander Shockwave´s call of duty:

Fellow humans,

since the GMG’s discovery of a distant array of systems, the danger of an all out invasion of alien forces into the Sirius sector has increased tenfold. Even our former greatest enemies, the Dom’Kavash, lie at the brink of extinction, decimated by the relentless attacks from the old races.

The Order’s cloaked reconaissance units suggest that the aliens’ numbers in the far Inner Core systems are increasing, and the analyses of their movements suggest that they’re preparing a massive campaign to take over the Sirius sector and eradicate us.

We must not let this happen. It is imperative that we launch a preemptive strike. The Order therefore calls for an immediate mobilization of all capable pilots. Your previous occupations, affiliations, criminal backgrounds or personal squabbles are irrelevant.

Assemble prepared fighters on Douglas Station in Omega 3 on Sunday, March 28th at 21:00 server time. Capital ships should dock on planet Cambridge and meet up with the fighters at the Hypergate in the Omega 3 system.

The objectives are:
– explore the systems beyond the Inner Core, to determine how big the aliens’ forces are;
– destroy any and all alien ships we come across and loot their weapons for analysis and adaptment;
– survive.

Logistics is organized in the following way:
– PX’s liaison to the Order command, Sir Zapp, will provide tactical support, in terms of weapons and reputations fixing in Utopia/Dervon systems;
– Bank of Liberty has agreed to finance any pilot willing to participate and has authorised Event Manager Shockwave to distribute the money.

Dark times are upon us. Will you join us and shine, or hide and be consumed by them?


We are able to provide some Shots of this joined Trip out of Ensign Enriques Cockpit :

Operation Wolfpack will enter the Book of Operations as a full success, we are also thankfull for many other Pilots taking Part in this Operation.

Well done Pilots – Sirus will survive – for the next few weeks…