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Huors Journey in Doms Space Crossfire 1.8 | |PX| Clan
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Huors Journey in Doms Space Crossfire 1.8

Lately i was a lot on tour through the Dom’s Systems. As some of you might know there are a lot. The Dom Kavash have beautiful systems, you are welcome to visit their stations and a lot more. There is a bunch of systems to explore. And believe me – you will explore. Some systems are very dense settled, some are nodes to other systems, some are just for relaxing, some are – what we would call – industrial productions. A vast universe beyond good and evil.

But to get there you have to fasten your seat belt, prepare your thrusters, equip you ship – because you will find and face some other aliens species – which don’t welcome you in their occupied systems. They are struggling to get more and more power. Fortunately once you reached the save haven somewhere in the Kavash system you are secure – for now.

I made a small video of pics the camera took while traveling through their systems, to understand their nature and to hopefully find some valuable stuff. The effort to get there was worth the damage my ship had to take. But please look yourself.

You probably should look for some escorts – but try yourself if you feel to do it. IF you don’t – ask for support either here in the forums or the folks in game