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hispania The Hispania was one of the five sleeper ships sent by the Western Alliance. It was sabotaged and half of its occupants used escape pods to abandon the ship, becoming the Corsairs. The other half stayed and drifted with the ship, founding a separate colony and becoming the Outcasts.

During the Exodus, the sleeper ship Hispania was damaged, though whether it was battle damage or sabotage, remains a mystery. It limped to the Sirius Sector, but eventually gave out in the mysterious Edge Nebula. Roughly half of the colonists decided to abandon thair failing vessel, and launched from the ship into the star system now known as Omicron Gamma, where they colonized the small habitable world of Crete. Their descendants would eventually evolve into the largest criminal organization, and would eventually become the biggest enemies of their “brothers” the Outcasts, who control a vast drug empire spanning the entire colony.

Based on the planet Malta, the Outcasts are the descendants of colonists from the sleeper ship Hispania. As a result of an unspecified internal malfunction (rumored to be sabotage), the “Hispania” arrived in the Sirius sector considerably behind the other four sleeper ships. During the extended flight, about half of the colonists on board elected to jump ship and search for a habitable planet using the escape rafts, while the other half elected to remain with their vessel.

The Outcasts are the descendants of the faction who remained with the vessel, which eventually entered orbit around a planet on the eastern fringe of Sirius, near the Edge Nebula. This being the only habitable planet for light years around, the colonists landed and settled.