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Dom’Kavash | |PX| Clan
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domkavashlogomedium The Dom’Kavash are a mysterious race existent around the post- Cretaceous period which are responsible for the majority of the alien artifacts and for the existence of the Nomads in the Sirius sector (and, presumably in the other sections of their vast empire). Nothing is known about their physiology, but little more is known about their culture. They mysteriously disappeared millions of years before mankind evolved for unknown reasons.


There is Speculation over whether the Omega 41 System going nova caused a wave of radiation that wiped them out. However, no skeletons or remains have ever been found, perhaps suggesting that they were invertebrate. Most architecture in their ruins has an outwardly primitive look, although this may be due to the sheer length of time they had been abandoned as opposed to actual design style.


The return of the Dom’Kavash was a heavy strike back for the Coalition and the houses of Sirius. The Dom’Kavash territory is growing with the support of the Nomads and Coalition is close to a destruction. Nobody knows where those ships come from or how to survive their attacks. We have only one chance… forget the rivalities of the past and unite with the Coalition and fight together. This is the only way to survive the biggest threat that the mankind has seen.


Not long ago a giant fleet of Coalition ships broke through a heavy Dom’Kavash blockade and discovered a hidden hypergate. A large group of fighters entered this hypergate but never returned. What is on the other side? This is a question that hardly can be answered. All tries to through failed and Dom’Kavash motherships constantly jump through this gate to Altair. Only the united forces of the houses and the coalition might be able to find out what is going on there.