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PX Stance relating to the United Rebels Clan | |PX| Clan
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PX Stance relating to the United Rebels Clan

*** ********************* ***
*** |PX| Public Communique ***
*** Issued by: The PX Council ***
*** ********************* ***
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[Image: pxshieldmedium.png]

In light of the recent conflicts between UR and PX, where the behavior of UR turned into an unacceptable set of actions against our Organisation that seems to develop into a trend, PX is defending its assets and security of its members by taking in account the following:

– The recent Espionage affair of UR Dino is seen as attack against the sovereignty of PX, we waited until now for a formal note of the UR command about these actions since the spy was compromised. If this is still an unwanted Situation for the Leadership of UR we demand the banishment of Dino as a retalation for his taken actions. Unless Player Dino will still be associated with UR we accept the actions as belonging to UR and thusly equal to a declaration of War made by UR on PX.

– Countless Out of Roleplay attacks witnessed also by the PX Council itself from differend UR tagged players are seen as an act of deliberate violence now.

– Reloading in Battle situations which is against the internal Clan agreements of Crossfire as long as the pilots are not using a Train and therfor using an unfair advantage.

– Dockraping of PX Ships while still in undocking situations which is a breach of the Crossfie Server Rules.

– F1 out of Roleplay Situations which is first place another breach of the Crossfire Server Rules and second place a manipulating of the ini Files of the Mod and therefor called a cheat which is also against the Server Rules of Crossfire.

– Using the “honorable” FOV stuff and introducing it to anyone who wants to use this exploit/manipulation/cheat as well.

– Spamming Mines in mass Combat Situations while stating that others do it for gaining an unfair advantage wrong justified by themselves.

We must point out the fact that there is already a PX database containing proof for these allegations but most of them (if not all) are of notoriety anyway. We will continue to collect mark and name any suspected actions (such as cheating) to the appropriated authorities by video or picture evidence. This evidence will be openly collected within the PX forum for everyone to see and pointed as a link to the decision makers so as to facilitate communication and make it more dynamic.

For the above mentioned topics we demand from UR to play by the rules at once in every situation and to stop cheating, also PX is claiming 500 million in Game Credits as a claim of just satiffaction in reparation to the damage suffered by PX, amount to be used for Bounties on UR from PX for the upcoming new Mercenary Clans if, against our intention, UR is still interested in normal Roleplay.

If one of these or other unfair Actions or Breaches of the Server Rules will arise against any PX or any other Pilot we take notice from and is asking for help, PX will activly engage UR vessels like in past actions and will break the UR Force down as long as they are able to fight (not bankrupted) or the situation will end with them logging of.

The Reputation indicator of the United Rebels will be set down to hostile. Hostile means that any PX Vessel if from tomorrow 00:00 h Server time allowed and advised to act in self defence if a UR Vessel will narrow itself to a PX tagged Vessel or other Pilots asking for help – the suspected attack range of UR will be interpreted by any PX Pilot himself although general guidelines will be layed out in the last part of this communique. Furthermore, anyl hail or stating of intention will be rated as an attempt of information intoxication and an attempt to get an unfair advantage while already targeting our ships in preparation to open fire.

We strongly advice that UR tagged Ships with no aggressive intentions against PX not to approach the scanner Range of PX tagged Ships in order to avoid PX defense procedures and counteractions. In this situation be also advised that you UR will not only encounter the ship you are attacking but also every other available PX Pilot or Pilots.

If any action will be taken by UR on a PX tagged Ship while no help might be aviable UR will find themselves in the situation in which PX retaliatory operations will be planned against their assets.

The process within PX to set a clan to hostile or back from hostile is locked to an agreement of minimal 75% of the Council Knights to vote for or against it. Given the fact that we discussed the behavior of UR over month (from the beginning of the joining of Dino to be more specific) and that the voting process is taking time, since at least it must be plausible for more than the Majority of the Council Knights, UR is still facing themselves in the given situation. We would like to remind you that in case that we will be engaged in an open conflict, it may take a considerable long amount of time before the PX Council will be able to approve a ceasefire and our pilots are instructed to ignore any and all authorities besides the PX Council on any matter at hand.

If the UR Leadership desires to avoid a conflict, we present you with these choices, meant to be accepted in a complementary fashion:

– Play by the Rules
– Stop cheating
– banish Dino and sever any connections to him
– pay 500 Million inGame Credits to a Council Member of PX

Any and all PX Diplomatic Channels to the United Rebels are closed as of this moment, until the UR will either start playing by the Roleplay Rules and stop cheating and at the same time honor the aforementioned conditions or face the consequences of your actions.

The official PX Policy on UR is regulated by PX Directive No. 033011:

1. PX is increasing the patrols in neutral, allied and home systems;

2. PX pilots are instructed to scan and identify any vessel that comes within 5.5 km of them while in a friendly, home or neutral system;

3. PX pilots are instructed to power up weapons whenever UR entities are detected;

4. If any UR craft approaches a PX patrol more than 2.0km without stating intention, then hostile intention is presumed and PX pilots are instructed to engage and neutralize the threat;

5. The previous points (1-4) will be automatically applied to any entity providing active aid to UR, if conflicts arise.

Signed and Sealed
Kn. Legatus Dark Raven,
Kn. Legatus Shockwave,
Kn. Praetoris Grampahun,
Kn. Praesedi Soryn,
Kn. Praetoris Zapp,
Kn. Praesedi Stephanov,
Kn. Praesedi Darco,
Kn. Praesedi Daywalker.

***End of Document***