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ASF/CSF Roleplay | |PX| Clan
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ASF/CSF Roleplay

Last Reports from the Front was send by PX Black Arrow to the PX council as report – we can see that massive Battles was taking Place in the Sigma Systems.

The ASF Newspaper in their latest Articles statet both a win and a loss of a System as success.


I hope you made your homework Guys – ASF/CSF Conflict is on. You need to mount a License on your Ship to take part (get those Licences from every Serverpolice or from me personal). Unmounting of the License while the content week is on is not allowed – that means you need an own Character to take part as a Mercanery.

Originally posted by Centaurian
This morning, OP updated the RRS to the 2009 baseline revision, so the RP event can commence immediately!  Although he reset the RRS, the reference sticky posts on the RP in this section were overlooked, so the rules update can be found here:  www.swat-portal.com/php/wbboard/thread.php?threadid=14185&boardid=87

From today (Sunday, March 22), till 12pm midnight Saturday (March 28), the contest is under way, since this is the last full calendar week of the month.  So lock your licenses in place, and load those missile tubes!  See you in space…  😀

EDIT:  The combat sector for this week will be the Sigma systems.

|PX| Pilots please pay attention!

for the upcoming ASF/CSF restart please read the internal Forum Thread about it. You have to fulfill some basic tasks to play this RP – don´t miss them!