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Crossfire 1.8 coming soon | |PX| Clan
Freelancer Community Network

Crossfire 1.8 coming soon

Crossfire 1.8: Inner Core, here are the changes (updated 18.3.09).

included some new Preview Pictures at the 1.8 Pictures Section.

New in Crossfire 1.8

  • Inner Core system and black hole
  • 8 new factions (GMG Expedition, Ancients, Warrior, Savage, Sentinel, Dom’Setek, Dom’Nepesh, Dom’Razak) related to the Inner Core story
  • highly extended storyline based on many quests
  • custom NPCs including ones which represent the Crossfire dev team

  • Destructable Bases and Solars
  • New splash screen
  • New menu screens
  • SuperFlame Missiles
  • New engine trails
  • Battle dust
  • 40+ new cockpits

  • 600+ realistic and very detailed infocards for Systems and Bases
  • 2nd licence slot activated
  • 39 new high detail suns
  • 10 new intro scripts
  • New Crossfire intro movie
  • Alternative FL Intro included
  • FL Story prequel movie included
  • Starlancer: Sol War trailer included
  • 2 new interfaces (Blue, Green and Red + Orange and Dark Blue)
  • New clan logo billboards
  • ENB bloom shader included
  • Dynamic lights
  • Rebuilt Earth’s atmosphere
  • Organic Station decks

  • Optional particle colours
  • Fluid Space Concept
  • Screen capture option
  • FLMM activation procedure improved
  • Installation instructions included into FLMM
  • CrossFire Guide
  • New jump tunnel effects
  • Optional Vanilla Starspheres
  • Optional effects choices
  • 4 Movie options
  • Dynamic Economy added to SinglePlayer mode

Detail improvements

  • Much more detailed planets and asteroids
  • Higher rendered detail
  • Higher detail on vanilla planet rings
  • Highly improved Vanilla effects
  • New high detail explosion effects
  • New high detail transparent nebulae with real dust effects
  • Heavy detail improvements on both Vanilla and CrossFire content
  • Max sound channels increased to 32 (for 3d sound)
  • Detail improvements on Sol system
  • Simulated bump mapping
  • Motion blur
  • Planet Lost Paradise Isles improved (high detail)
  • Planet Lost Paradise water improved (high detail + waves move into correct direction now)
  • Planet Lost Paradise pyramids improved (high detail)
  • New high detail Jump Gate and Jump Hole effects
  • Reflections added to the oceans
  • Weather effects added to Planet Lost Paradise
  • Ocean sound added to Planet Lost Paradise
  • Higher draw distance for Dimensional Rift

Minor additions

  • Flame atmosphere burn effect
  • DomKavash ass kicked and gone from Sol
  • New FLConfigDatabase
  • New ZLib
  • Hit sparks effect
  • New mouse cursors
  • 40 new Starspheres
  • Seltos Roid miners added
  • More than 100 coalition depots and wrecks added to Altair
  • New Navigation Maps
  • New Alien Organisms
  • New planet rings
  • CrossFire logo in Manhattan
  • New explosion for DomKavash ships
  • New weapon models for Phoenix Projection Cannon, Dom’Kavash Annihilator and Coalition Gattling
  • Redundant ship hardpoints to all CrossFire ships
  • Defying Gravity theme
  • 25% inertia to all Nebulas
  • Minor interference in Nebulae
  • New damage effects
  • Flak explosions
  • 20 new weapon models
  • 5 new missile models
  • SWAT-Portal Recticle Mod
  • Music in prison stations
  • 548 solar objects added to the rumor database
  • GMG research facility and Hypergate
  • Power and Communication satellites
  • New Dimensional Rift effect
  • Full market information about Stations and Planets (just like on Vanilla bases)
  • Thousands of rumors about CrossFire content added to the bases of Sirius and Altair
  • Damaged Station cores
  • MP Welcome message
  • New clan logos
  • Atsugi Naval Shipyards added
  • Juneau Shipyard made dockable
  • Sounds added to the clan logos (giving a warning)
  • BG clan logo at the NY gate
  • 6 new engines with new visual effects added to Ships and Battleships
  • New Freelancer DataStorm warning
  • 61 detailed BMG infocards
  • Dom’Kavash Energy Relay Station
  • New planetary docking rings
  • 37 new custom planet models
  • 2 Ancient Stations
  • Ancient drone
  • Ancient Energy Cannon added and lootable on Ancient drones
  • Ancient cruise disruptor (NPC only)
  • VHF fighter encounters added to various sirius factions
  • Stationary Ion Cannons
  • 221 anomalies
  • Light flicker in X-3043
  • New CrossFire icon
  • Rusty Coalition Warpgate
  • Bremen holoprojector
  • Ulysses holoprojector
  • FLListServer support
  • Freeport7 turned into a warzone
  • Freeport7 station debris
  • 132 mineable fields
  • 5 Tradelane Construction sites added

And more than 55,000 other changes, including bugs fixes, code improvements, spelling corrections, balancing and additions!

CF1.8 change log (10th march 2009)

New splash screen added
New menu screen added
superflame missiles added
new engine trails added
new damage effect added
battledust added
flak explosions added
20 new weapon models added
5 new missile models added
more than 40 new cockpits added
more than 600 realistic and very detailed infocards for Systems and Bases added
39 new high detail suns
10 new intro scripts
deactivation of 3d sound by default
optional particle colours
new clanlogos created
sounds added to the clanlogos (giving a warning)
BG clanlogo at the NY gate
New Crossfire intro movie added
Alternative FL intro added
FL Story prequel movie added
Starlancer: Sol War trailer added
2 new interfaces added
new clan logo billboards
ppc effect fixes
torpedo hardpoints fixed
ENB bloom shader included (optional)
dynamic weapon light added
dynamic explosion light added
28 vanilla weapon effects fixed
predatur sur fixed
much more detailed planets
much more detailed asteroids
detail improvements on Sol system
DomKavash removed from SOL
new navmaps
new alien aorganism
new planet rings
higher detail on vanilla planet rings
new high res nebulas
nebulas are transparent now with real dust effects
fluid space concept added
max sound channels changed to 32 (for 3d sound)
higher render details
New Datastorm warning (done)
screencapture option
Time to fly intro music improved
new zlib added
Installation instruction included into FLMM
CF guide added
New high res jumpgate effects
New high res jumphole effects
New flconfigdatabase added
New jump tunnel effects
new mouse cusrors added
several ship fixes done
new high detail explosion effects
40 new starspheres
vanilla starspheres optional
all solar objects retextured
highly improved vanilla effects
optional effects choices
heavy detail improvements on vanilla and old CF content
Flak turret fixed
Reskin of all Coalition ships
Reskin Order ships
Reskin Bullpup
Reskin Bullpup mk2
Reskin Bullpup mk3
Reskin Dangel
Reskin Elder
Reskin Gunstar
Reskin Marauder
Reskin SeethingFury
Reskin A100
Reskin Angelfinal
Reskin Yamato
Reskin Warpgate
Reskin Boridin
Reskin DarkReign
Reskin Coalition Gun Sat
Reskin Coalition Missile Sat
Reskin Sensor Station
Reskin Coalition HQ
Reskin Archangel
Reskin Bowin
Reskin Combat Ship
Reskin Devastator
Reskin Manta
Reskin Eliminator
Reskin Freedom X
Reskin Geko
Reskin Hermes
Reskin MirageX
Reskin Murphy
Reskin Phantom
Reskin SF18
Reskin Stinger
Reskin StrikeEagle
Reskin VFighter
Reskin Custom stations
4 Movie options added
Meanwhile more than 55.000 minor changes (including bugs fixes, code improvements, spelling

corrections, balancing and additions)
SWAT link changes done
Faster Railgun projectiles
Improved Railgun effects
vanilla wormhole effect bug fixed
vanilla nomad gate effect bug fixed
warpgate effect bug fixed
hypergate effect bug fixed
flame atmosphere burn effect added
hit sparks effect added
New explosion for DomKavash ships
infocards for armored transport fixed
infocards for train fixed
low level NPCs rebalanced
holographic docking rings illuminated
2nd licence slot activated
Battleship Station bug fixed
6 new engines with new visual effects created
CF logo added to Manhattan
New engines added to the ships
New weapon model for Phoenix Projection Cannon
New weapon model for Dom’Kavash Annihilator
New weapon model for Coalition Gattling
Redundant ship hardpoints added to all CF ships
Defying Gravity theme added
FLMM activation procedure improved (mod activation will cause less problems)
25% inertia added to all Nebulas
minor interferences added to Nebulas
simulated bump mapping added (optional)
Motion blur added (optional)
Gurm coordinates fixed
formations changed
battleship physics changed
new battleship engines created
Planet Lost Paradise Isles improved (high res)
Planet Lost Paradise water improved (high res + waves move into correct direction now)
Planet Lost Paradise antenna bug fixed
Planet Lost Paradise pyramids improved (high res)
new planetary docking ring added
reflections added to the oceans
weather effects added to Planet Lost Paradise
Ocean sound added to Planet Lost Paradise
37 new custom planet models added
New Dimensional Rift effect
higher draw distance for dimensional rift
Nomad Strike carrier reskinned
Nomad Interceptor improved
Inner Core layout created
Fluid space concept added
Music added to prison stations
SWAT-Portal Recticle Mod added
Rule billboard updates
Sol Planets improved with much higher details
548 solar objects added to the rumor database
thousands of rumors about CF content added to the bases of Sirius and Altair
full market informations about stations and planets added just like on vanilla bases
destructable bases added
destructable solars added
200 explosions and fuses modified
Damaged Station cores added
dynamic economy added to singleplayer mode
missing planet rings added in sirius systems
New jump tunnels created
GMG research facility added
GMG hypergate added
stationary ion cannons added
power satellites added
communication satellites added
61 detailed BMG infocards added
inner core black hole added
221 anomalies added
Inner core system added
Dom’Kavash Energy Relais Station added
8 new factions added (GMG Expedition, Ancients, Warrior, Savage, Sentinel, Dom’Setek,

Dom’Nepesh, Dom’Razak)
2 Ancient Stations added
Ancient drone added
Dom’Kavash Gunboat hardpoints fixed
MP Welcome message added
Adv. Helium Polymer Thruster moved to a non-mission related base
Missing Black Market Goods moved to non-mission related bases
mission related bases seperated on market files
Ancient Energy Cannon added
Ancient cruise disruptor added (NPC only)
Ancient Energy Cannon lootable on Ancient drones
Light flicker added to X-3043
new CF icon added
level requirements of ships adjusted
4 new ASF ships added
4 new CSF ships added
vhf fighter encounters added to various sirius factions
Starskipper hardpoint error fixed
Olympus added
Telestria added
Proton added
Tellurium added
Fatality added
Wizard added
Titus added
Royal added
Bastard added
Bident added
P-7 Razorback added
P-7 Shote added
P-7 Badger added
P-7 Marten added
Charon added
Persephone added
Bellerophon added
Thanatos added
Nike added
Lakhesis added
Goshawk added
Harpy added
Hellcat added
Wrath added
X7A Fyrefly added
Venom Mk I added
Venom Mk II added
Warthog added
Bulldog added
LCA Typhoon added
LCA Thunderstreak added
Black Angel added
Crusher ZX7 added
Grinder ZX8 added
Dissolver added
Cyclone added
Hurricane added
Tornado added
Whirlwind added
Chinook added
Scirocco added
Firebolt added
Shamal added
Rocketmaster added
T-Rex added
J-40 Quicksilver added
Cheetah added
Ball Lightning added
Tigre added
Lobo added
Zorro added
Erebus added
Terror added
Destroy missions adjusted
more light added to Sovjetskaja
Effect fix for Phoenix Projection Cannon
Griffin added
depots removed from Peris Station
more than 300 loadout fixes done
death zone planet Honshu fixed
death zone planet Gammu fixed
death zone planet Persica fixed
death zone planet Cragira fixed
death zone planet Wortha fixed
death zone planet Nithlos fixed
death zone planet Paridium fixed
death zone planet Horath fixed
death zone planet Lorym fixed
death zone planet Tegra fixed
death zone planet Dryad fixed
death zone planet Lost Paradise fixed
death zone planet Nisrial fixed
death zone planet Sejuk fixed
death zone planet Gorm fixed
death zone planet Tzu fixed
death zone planet Drake fixed
death zone planet Lima fixed
death zone planet Minsk fixed
death zone planet Toledo fixed
death zone planet Death fixed
death zone planet Sylvin fixed
death zone planet Qualia fixed
death zone planet Moorn fixed
death zone planet Otja fixed
Altair death zones fixed (DK Systems)
2 organic station decks build
earth atmosphere rebuild
rusty coalition warpgate added
Bremen holoprojector added
Ulysses holoprojector added
Adonis hardpoint error fixed
Planet Ghai ring replaced
DarkReign Ion Cannons re-arranged around Coalition HQ
FLListserver support added
Freeport7 seperated from SP
Freeport7 turned into a warzone
Freeport7 station debris created
132 mineable fields added
Crossfire Dock1 recreated
Crossfire Dock2 recreated
Core Station recreated
Campos Station recreated
Carmona Shipyard recreated
Capua Station recreated
Empire Station recreated
Karnak Prison recreated
Lhasa Station recreated
Neutro Station recreated
Novara Station recreated
Lynen Station recreated
Karun Shipyard recreated
Ghats Prison recreated
Enugu Station recreated
Octo Station recreated
Outpost Epsilon recreated
Outpost Psi recreated
Outpost Zeta recreated
Perg Shipyard recreated
Peris Station recreated
Proxima Station recreated
Pescara Station recreated
Quetzal Station recreated
Saba Station recreated
Sakamoto Outpost recreated
Severn Station recreated
Shiras Station recreated
Toral Station recreated
Station Hope recreated
5 Tradelane Construction sites added