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Tensions Rise in the Sirius Sector | |PX| Clan
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Tensions Rise in the Sirius Sector

how_we_are_doing_startpicThe relative calm and peace that has eased spirits lately is beginning to resemble more and more to the calm before a storm, as the ASF/CSF ceasefire nears to an end. As we all know, the ASF/CSF battles from the last couple of months were the scene of fierce fighting that seems to get more savage after each ceasefire. As we brace ourselves watching the ASF and CSF forces deploy and reinforce positions, reports of criminal acts and crime related violence are multiplying. Apparently, there is talk about a coordination of unlawful forces that would aim at undermining state and police authority. The rumours are not yet confirmed neither by intelligence agencies nor by government officials but reliable sources within the Liberty Security Force point out that LSF statistics concerning crime paint an alarming picture if crime rates go up at the present rate.

The global rates for the Sirius Sector rised from a reasonable 15% rate recorded two weeks ago to a 20% rate recorded in the beginning of this week. In presenting a more complete picture, we advise you to interpret these statistics bearing in mind that these are figures reported by police entities to the Governments of Sirius, containing only registered incidents. After the official release of these figures analysts have begun to comment on the situation, drawing attention on a possible shift in power as violences continue to be present and escalate even in the ceasefire periods of the ASF/CSF conflict. This possible shift in power could also be fueled by augmenting civic unrest as a response to the potential crime waves that diminish the citizens’ sense of security if law enforcing entities will not be able to guarantee even the basic human rights of individuals, as the right to own property and the right to life and liberty are amongst the ones in perril of being widely violated by the criminal organisations of Sirius. Despite the rising tensions and conflicts between law enforcing and lawless entities, PX mantains its traditional neutrality hoping for avoidance of unneccesarry loss of life and why not, more contracts…regardless of the side commisioning them.