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Crossfire 1.8 News | |PX| Clan
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Crossfire 1.8 News


As an addition to the last Changelog here some fresh news:

Of course we also added some new Pictures of Stations and other stuff to the 1.8 Gallary.

Ragnarok cruise speed raised to 900
Arena mooring fixture added
Coalition Warp buoy mk2 added
Nomad Strike surface recreated
Jumphole sounds added
Lost paradise surs recreated
more turrets added to the Nomad Strike Carrier
New Dom’Kavash Ship infocards added
Database error infocards added to the remaining alien races
Dom’Kavash Torpedo added
Dom’Kavash light fighter replaced

Dom’Kavash medium fighter replaced
Dom’Kavash heavy fighter replaced
Dom’Kavash cruiser improved
Dom’Kavash Mothership replaced
Dom’Kavash bomber added
9 Dom’Kavash station models added
Dom’Kavash Battleship names fixed
101 new alien Battleship names added
Sentinel light fighter added
Sentinel medium fighter added
Sentinel heavy fighter added
Sentinel gunboat added
Sentinel cruiser added
Sentinel battleship added
2 Sentinel station models added
Warrior bomber mk1 added
Warrior bomber mk2 added
Warrior light fighter added
Warrior medium fighter added
Warrior heavy fighter added
Warrior gunboat added
Warrior cruiser mk1 added
Warrior cruiser mk2 added
Warrior cruiser mk3 added
Warrior battleship mk1 added
Warrior battleship mk2 added
3 Warrior station models added
Dom’Nepesh light fighter added
Dom’Nepesh medium fighter added
Dom’Nepesh heavy fighter added
Dom’Nepesh gunboat added
Dom’Nepesh cruiser mk1 added
Dom’Nepesh cruiser mk2 added
Dom’Nepesh mothership added
4 Dom’Nepesh station models added
Dom’Kavash cruiser agility reduced
Dom’Kavash Mothership agility raised
Savage light fighter added
Savage medium fighter added
Savage heavy fighter added
Savage gunboat added
Savage cruiser added
Savage battleship added
4 Savage station models added
Dom’Setek light fighter added
Dom’Setek medium fighter added
Dom’Setek heavy fighter added
Dom’Setek gunboat added
Dom’Setek cruiser added
Dom’Setek mothership added
3 Dom’Setek station models added
Dom’Razak light fighter added
Dom’Razak medium fighter added
Dom’Razak heavy fighter added
Dom’Razak gunboat added
Dom’Razak cruiser mk1 added
Dom’Razak cruiser mk2 added
Dom’Razak mothership added
3 Dom’Razak station models added
Stormcrow added
Trident added
Swashbuckler added
Butcher added
Trailblazer added
Shade added
Werewolf added
Tiger added
Nomad cruiser added
Nomad destroyer added
2 Nomad station models added

and some more changings:

distant planet on Lost Paradise surface is transparent now
Ragnarok engine fixed
Kusari Battleship turret improved
Kusari Flak turret improved
Liberty Battleship turret added
Liberty Flak turret added
Bretonia Battleship turret added
Bretonia Flak turret added
Rheinland Battleship turret added
Rheinland Flak turret added
Civilian Battleship turret added
Civilian Flak turret added
Flak ammo added for all Flak turrets
Saturn station improved
Liberty Cruiser Forward Gun added to the Liberty Cruiser loadout