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Voice Recorder of Delta Whiskey | |PX| Clan
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Voice Recorder of Delta Whiskey


“Yes, please?”

“No, i have an incoming Message from TRF – seems the Pirate Wench is stucked in Sovetskaya some kind of Engine malfuntion, she told something about a Destroyer jumping in the SoS System, shooting at the Cargo and left immediatly. She is lets say not relaxed about it.”

“Ok Guys, Luor Kyron is hauling a large cargo of our Monopoly Goods from California Minor to Ice Palace, he is in real trouble. Seems the Police is behind him on his way.”

“We need all active Wings to help out. They also have a Destroyer around, named like a big, round fruit, no idea why they choose these names. He will quick be History”

“Yes, i mean realy all Officer Zap no matter how much you paid for the “Wellness” Trip on Malta. – And please tell Sir Soryn that we will have a real battle very soon, i am sure he will beam in afap to not miss the fun.”

A wink later…

“The Police is sitting around Ice Palace, main goal is to keep them busy to allow the Train to jump in the Systems without being harmed – i brought a Destroyer here for the first deviation.”

“Also Fallen is joining, he will act on his own. Centuriae III please take on the Bloodguard and make him busy, Centuria I please “cover” the SFP Leader Bunny or so. I will go on the Destroyer, Hastati please be my Wing. And…”

“No, Luor not yet, we are not ready!!!! Arrgh!”

“I am in Delta Whiskey, nearly down but alive and in cruise.”


The Destroyer is firing up its engines, searching the Train. While passing the point of Crysis Gunfire and the sound of launching missiles all around. The Police is doing well in the first minutes when they opened fire – but soon they lose the track and some of them are down. Now they have to respawn first and some of them are leaving the scene. While this happened the destroyers crew is coming near to the Train  Bunny G. (name changed by the editors Office) on it´s Tail. When coming nearer we are spotting that the train is under fire, only one option is left…


A last squalling of the Engines and Silence around. Immediatly the Turrets of Murmansk are releasing their deadly language – firing highly acurate at the also gliding Lagg of Officer Bunny G. 2 k away.

***BANG*** The fighter is blasted in two pieces. Last known words of the Pilot: “Your ass will be mine!”

We was able to take a Photo from inside of the Escape Pod:


After some tries to make his words happen with no success the Officer decided to send his whole fleet to the Destroyer – no Wings was near to the fast burning Destroyer and his end was colorfull.

The Capatain of the Police Destroyer was catched by a local Paparazzo:


While this was ongoing Hastati still baby sitted the Train, leaving no chance to possible attackers. So a special Agent and the Fallen Pirate was needed to use an APC for unloading the Train. This Fallen was one of the bravest in Battle, with no fear he was attacking the Destroyer in an APC killed that Deadmachine two times with a frighter.

In the End the cargo was deliverd to Ice Palace. Honest we told the Police Fighters that our Job was done and we will stop firing if they stop aswell. While typing this the Destroyer reopened fire and killed Delta Whiskey, which is the reason of the Voice Record here. Ofc. they again suffered much for this sneak attack.

A few Minutes later the Cops took their chance to leave the System. Here are some Photos from the |PX|Pilots leaving the System to find their bed at home.

screen282 screen283 screen284
screen286 screen287 screen288

Seems the Bunny Nuke was quite sleepy these days…

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