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Kobe Station

Class: Chapel
Gravity: partial
Docking: yes
Amenities: limited
Population: 375

Now owned by the Kusari Police, this station was built by the GMG, as a laboratory to study warp anomalies in the system. After the Nomad war, GMG lost interest in Hiruga and secretly sold the station to the Kusari government (probably hoping for future agreement with Samura). Blood Dragons declared GMG as hostile shortly after this turnover. However, and regardless of many attempts by Blood Dragons forces to destroy it, Kobe station stays still, acting as a certain refuge for government-friendly people who mistakenly enter Hiruga without a map, and a treatment station for PTSD victims after the experience with Hiruga maze.

Owner: Kusari State Police 

Shortname: Police
System: Hiruga 
Territory: SMG




Adv. Guardian Fr. Shield  4 9420
Adv. Sentry H. F. Shield  2 1860
Adv. Sentry L. F. Shield  2 1720
Sentinel Fr. Shield  5 18940
Guardian H. F. Shield  3 3950
Guardian L. F. Shield  3 3660
Adv. Sentry Fr. Shield  2 2190
Adv. Guardian H. F. Shield  4 8010
Adv. Guardian L. F. Shield  4 7420
Guardian Fr. Shield  3 4650
Sentinel H. F. Shield  5 16110
Sentinel L. F. Shield  5 14920




Starkiller Torpedo Launcher  1 7460
Sunfury 1  5 7460
Scrambler 1  5 7460
Stalker Missile  1 650
Slingshot Missile  3 1830
Sunfrenzy Turret  7 24790
Wasp Cruise Disruptor  2 1830
Windstalker Missile  3 2380
Catapult Missile  5 7460
Sunfrenzy 1  7 24790
Disinfector 1  7 24790
Sweeper Missile  4 3710
Sunfury Turret 1  5 7460
Mine Price
Wardog Mine  1830
Seeker Mine  860
Tadpole Mine  7460
Razor Mine  3710
Thruster Price
Heavy Thruster  5000
Ship Class Price

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