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Captains log
Jason Brennigan

Its been 54 years now since the battle of Crossfire. The loss of the Dyson Sphere and the destruction of X-3043’s main planet was a heavy strike back for the Nomads. However the Nomad fleet is still able to hold control of several important systems such as Death Valley and Freeport 7, which was called this way to honour the victims that died on the first nomad attack. Even after the Houses of Sirius united to fight the nomad thread we had heavy losses on our side and I have lost many good friends and comrades in the last years. I wish I could turn back time and correct some mistakes.

Wishes… stupid wishes of an old man.

Hey I should be glad that i got the chance to see our old home, the earth, instead of dreaming about how my life might have been if we would have never been attacked by the Nomads. Most likely I wouldn’t have joined the navy then. Well it’s right what people say about time… it makes us different from what we wanted to be. It has lead me to this place, it made me

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