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Captains log
Ju¨rgen Berngruber

We have lost the contact to captain Brennigan. He wanted to meet us here, said something about unknown transmission but now we are waiting here for hours without any contacts. Brennigan should have arrived here hours ago. I wish i would know where to search for them, all we have are weird coordinates that don’t make any sense. TX-45, X-76 and KT4OTRWVT-33. It seems like some kind of old military code. Brennigan always was a friend of those old military codes that were used during the war between Alliance and Coalition. Maybe he encrypted these coordinates to protect something or someone. God I hate those wargames.

Best would be to search for the next Coalition station and try to get help there. Maybe somebody there knows what kind of code this might be and maybe some of the high ranked officers in the bars have heard some rumours.

Ive heard that in Sol the Coalitions does offer reputation hacks so it’s possible to enter their stations and pass their territory unharmed.

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