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Settled Planets: Junyo
Bases: Deshima Station, Fuchu Prison, BattleshipMyoko Ohashi Border Station, Corporations Samura Industries, Kishiro Technologies, Bounty Hunters Guild, Synth Foods,
Criminals: Blood Dragons, Golden Chrysanthemums,
Produces: Food, Luxury Food, Consumer Goods, Hydrocarbons


Bases in Shikoku




Fuchu Prison  Kusari State Police  Police  
Battleship Myoko  Kusari Naval Forces  Naval Forces  
Deshima Station  Bounty Hunters Guild  Bounty Hunters 
Planet Junyo  Kusari State Police  Police  
Ohashi Border Station  Kusari State Police  Police  
Wreck Positions
Wreckname    Loc.     Hazard    Equipment    Goods   
Kobe Maru     5C         2 Drake Type A     20 Artifacts    
???     6D         2 Suncannon B     20 Cardamine    

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