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Adv. Brig. H. F. Shield Mk2 Information:

SP-e2 “Advanced Brigandine” Heavy Fighter Positron Shield Mk2

This is a positron-based shield that provides improved protection from tachyon and neutron weapons. This shield is specifically designed for the Heavy Fighter ship classes

Category: 3
Price: 312280
    Class: 10
Maximum Capacity: 10892
Regeneration Rate: 239
    Rebuild Time: 12

Type: Positron

Places to purchase the Adv. Brig. H. F. Shield Mk2:

Base System Territory Faction
Roppongi Station  New Tokyo  KUSARI  Interspace Commerce 
Helgoland Station  Sigma-13  BORDER WORLDS  ALG Waste Disposal 
Core Station  Casius   (IOC)  Liberty Police, Inc. 

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