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Coalition Gattling Information:

The Coalition Gattling is one of the most devastating weapons of the universe. One shot does release five high energetic projectiles. Each projectile is created out of its own energy source inside the weapon. That means that the energy loss is five times higher than it is displayed and of course the damage is five times higher aswell.

Price: 1385500
Power Usage: 64.64
Damage per Fire: 0
Refire Delay: 8.33
Type: w_particle01
    Shield Damage: 100
Hull Damage: 364.1
Shield Damage per Sec.: 833
Hull Damage per Sec.: 3032.95
    Seeker Range: 0

Max Range: 0
Class: 10

Places to purchase the Coalition Gattling :

Base System Territory Faction
Hefei Ore Refinery  New Hongkong  COALITION  Coalition 
Lanzhou Shipyard  New Hongkong  COALITION  Coalition 
Planet Murmansk  Sovetskaya   COALITION  Coalition 
Coalition HQ  Vorkuta  COALITION  Coalition 
Singapore Station  Guangdong  COALITION  BMM 

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