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Helios Information:

ZT37 “Helios” Zoner Photon Blaster

This is a photon-based weapon which, though providing a high refire rate, requires enormous amounts of energy to deliver a significant damage output. This weapon is most effective against positron shields, and weakest against graviton shields. Zoner weapons have a small range advantage, but at a reduced rate of fire

Price: 1830
Power Usage: 12.45
Damage per Fire: 0
Refire Delay: 5.88
Type: w_photon01
    Shield Damage: 20.75
Hull Damage: 41.5
Shield Damage per Sec.: 122.01
Hull Damage per Sec.: 244.02
    Seeker Range: 0

Max Range: 0
Class: 3

Places to purchase the Helios:

Base System Territory Faction
Freeport 2  Bering  INDEPENDENT  Zoners 
Ames Research Station  Kepler  INDEPENDENT  Zoners 
Freeport 1  Omega-3  SA  Zoners 
Freeport 6  Tau-29  BORDER WORLDS  Zoners 
Freeport 5  Omega-41  EDGE WORLDS  Zoners 
Planet Issos  Arena   EVENT  Liberty Police, Inc. 
Outpost Delta  Nephele   [UR]  Bundschuh 
Outpost Epsilon  Enyo   CROSSFIRE  Outcasts 
Outpost Zeta  Enigma   CROSSFIRE  Corsairs 
Outpost Psi  Sekar   CROSSFIRE  Corsairs 

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