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DomKavash Annihilator Information:

DomKavash Annihilator

The DomKavash Annihilator is comparable with the weapon technology developed after the research of nomad technology such as the Phoenix Projection Cannons and Coalition Gattlings. It seems like the DomKavash found a way to use the energy provided by the generator in a way more effective way than it is possible for us. This explains the high effectivity of the DomKavash weapons. The Annihilator seems to be just a small standard weapon in the DomKavash armoury which leaves enough space for speculations about more powerful weapon technology.

Price: 1161000
Power Usage: 171.64
Damage per Fire: 0
Refire Delay: 3.03
Type: w_plasma01
    Shield Damage: 100
Hull Damage: 1003.1
Shield Damage per Sec.: 303
Hull Damage per Sec.: 3039.39
    Seeker Range: 0

Max Range: 0
Class: 10

Places to purchase the DomKavash Annihilator:

Base System Territory Faction

Play Shadow of Fear