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Gun/Turret Mounts: 6/0
Armor: 8300
Cargo Space: 30
Max Batteries/NanoBots: 100/100
Optimal Weapon Class: 7
Max. Weapon Class: 10
Additional Equipment: M, CM, CD/T


This ship seems to be among the first to be successfully melded with Nomad technology. It contain various new technologies as well as what appears to be modifed weapons systems to allow it to unload a deadly amount of firepower. The Butcher is said to have first been conceived in the Edge worlds but this cannot be confirmed. While it does not have the best armor, it’s maneuvering allows it to hold it’s own in most battles.

Additional Stats:

Impulse Speed: 80.13
Price: 9497436

Places to buy this Ship:

Base System Base Owner
Planet Curacao  Cortez  Orbital Spa and Cruise 
Freistadt Base  Omega-7  Independent Miners Guild 

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