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Gun/Turret Mounts: 4/0
Armor: 2100
Cargo Space: 30
Max Batteries/Nanobots: 15/15
Optimal Weapon Class: 3
Max. Weapon Class: 5
Additional Equipment: M, CM, CD

B-224-F Series “Cavalier” Bretonia Light Fighter

Expertly fast and agile, this fighter design is based on the “Bee-One,” the class that cleared the Bretonian frontier and set the stage for the colonization of Sirius. Though patterned after this timeless classic, the Cavalier has many significant improvements and modern attributes that make it a true blue asset.

Additional Stats:

Impulse Speed: 120.2
Price: 25660

Places to buy this Ship:

Base System Base Owner
Planet New London  New London  Bretonia Police 
Planet Cambridge  Cambridge  Bretonia Police 
Planet Leeds  Leeds  Bretonia Police 
Battleship Hood  Dublin  Independent Miners Guild 

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