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Gun/Turret Mounts: 3/1
Armor: 1900
Cargo Space: 35
Max Batteries/NanoBots: 14/14
Optimal Weapon Class: 2
Max. Weapon Class: 4
Additional Equipment: M, CM, CD

Z-2010 “Bloodhound” Pirate Light Fighter

With its increased power capacity, the Bloodhound represents a significant threat to police forces and shipping targets in Sirius. Heavily modified from its original chassis design, this fighter is fast and can deliver a lethal payload and array of offensive weaponry. These factors make this ship of great value to alternative fighting forces everywhere.

Additional Stats:

Impulse Speed: 120.2
Price: 12120

Places to buy this Ship:

Base System Base Owner
Rochester Base  New York  Junkers 
Pusin Dock  Wheel of Sirius   Zoners 

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