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Gun/Turret Mounts: 4/0
Armor: 1800
Cargo Space: 35
Max Batteries/NanoBots: 15/15
Optimal Weapon Class: 2
Max. Weapon Class: 4
Additional Equipment: M, CM, CD

AP-6364 “Piranha” Bounty Hunter Light Fighter

With crime on the rise, there has been resurgence in the Bounty Hunter trade. To hunt down a criminal one must think like a criminal — and be armed like one too. The Piranha delivers expertly on this note, providing every bit of the firepower and armor needed for the job. The added cargo space for transport and delivery of captured escape pods rounds out its generous appointments.

Additional Stats:

Impulse Speed: 120.2
Price: 17020

Places to buy this Ship:

Base System Base Owner
Planet New London  New London  Bretonia Police 
Sheffield Station  Manchester  Bounty Hunters Guild 
Liverpool Border Station  Manchester  Bretonia Police 
Planet Cambridge  Cambridge  Bretonia Police 
Planet Leeds  Leeds  Bretonia Police 
Mostar Dock  Wheel of Sirius   Bretonia Police 
Planet Crossfire  X-3043   Border World Exports 

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