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Gun/Turret Mounts: 3/5
Armor: 2200
Cargo Space: 125
Max Batteries/NanoBot: 15/15
Optimal Weapon Class: 2
Max. Weapon Class: 4
Additional Equipment: M, CM

B-27-E “Clydesdale” Bretonia Freighter

Often called “the beast of burden that built Bretonia,” it certainly played a significant role in establishing Bretonia as a vital actor in trade and commerce. The cargo capacity and armor are superior to other models available on the market elsewhere, making this a leading choice for tradesmen in Bretonia and abroad.

Additional Stats:

Impulse Speed: 65.11
Price: 23010

Places to buy this Ship:

Base System Base Owner
Planet New London  New London  Bretonia Police 
Planet Cambridge  Cambridge  Bretonia Police 
Planet Leeds  Leeds  Bretonia Police 
Planet Baso  Custodian   Liberty Police, Inc. 

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