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Paralyzer Missile Information:

O-EMP-01 “Paralyzer” EMP Missile Launcher

Based on an entirely new approach, The Paralyzer discharges the most powerful EMP on the market. Research shows that when used in combat, the Paralyzer can completely disrupt most shields in just one blast. Again this weapon serves as a very useful precursor to a follow-up attack, however further hits with the Paralyzer will also disable a target’s powerplant and guns.

*Requires Paralyzer Missile

Price: 144580
Power Usage: 0
Damage per Fire: 0
Refire Delay: 0.25
    Shield Damage: 7824
Hull Damage: 195.6
Shield Damage per Sec.: 0
Hull Damage per Sec.: 0
    Seeker Range: 1000

Max Range: 2071.39
Class: 10

Places to purchase the Paralyzer Missile:

Base System Territory Faction
Planet Issos  Arena   EVENT  Liberty Police, Inc. 
Outpost Delta  Nephele   [UR]  Bundschuh 
Outpost Epsilon  Enyo   CROSSFIRE  Outcasts 
Outpost Zeta  Enigma   CROSSFIRE  Corsairs 
Outpost Psi  Sekar   CROSSFIRE  Corsairs 

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