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Pharos Dock

Class: Nibelungen (M)
Gravity: complete
Docking: yes
Amenities: yes
Population: 2k

Universal Shipping, Ageira, and Synth Foods are joint partners in the operation of Pharos Dock, providing most of the daily consumables required in the Wheel. Frequently visited by the LSF, Pharos is built on a Mifune-class station frame.

Owner: Liberty Police, Inc. 

Shortname: Police
System: Wheel of Sirius  
Territory: CROSSFIRE




Adv. Sentry H. F. Shield  2 1860
Adv. Sentry L. F. Shield  2 1720
Sentry Fr. Shield  1 1270
Sentry H. F. Shield  1 1080
Adv. Sentry Fr. Shield  2 2190
Sentry L. F. Shield  1 1000




Javelin Missile  1 500
Starbeam Turret  1 450
Stunpulse  2 770
Stalker Missile  1 650
Adv. Starbeam Turret  3 1650
Adv. Stunpulse  3 1650
Eraser Missile  1 500
Starbeam  1 450
Stunpulse Turret  2 770
Adv. Starbeam  2 770
Mine Price
Seeker Mine  860
Drone Mine  500
Thruster Price
Thruster  500
Ship Class Price
Starflier  fighter 7.000
Starflier  fighter 7.000
Startracker  fighter 17.020
Falcon  fighter 257.880

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