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The Shadow of Fear open Beta is online

The Mods open Beta is online now.

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Shadow of Fear Chapter I Beyond Sirius a Freelancer Modification
Have as much fun playing SoF as we had while creating it!

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Happy Birthday Freelancer

Freelancer was released on March, 04. 2003

Salutes to our favorite Game.

Happy Birthday Freelancer

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

and a happy new Year!

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PX Stance relating to the United Rebels Clan

*** ********************* ***
*** |PX| Public Communique ***
*** Issued by: The PX Council ***
*** ********************* ***
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[Image: pxshieldmedium.png]

In light of the recent conflicts between UR and PX, where the behavior of UR turned into an unacceptable set of actions against our Organisation that seems to develop into a trend, PX is defending its assets and security of its members by taking in account the following:

– The recent Espionage affair of UR Dino is seen as attack against the sovereignty of PX, we waited until now for a formal note of the UR command about these actions since the spy was compromised. If this is still an unwanted Situation for the Leadership of UR we demand the banishment of Dino as a retalation for his taken actions...

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Fellow Warriors of the Confederated Strike Force
Dragon Corps Fallen Sirius Marauders Gang LostProphets Knights of Mercy







Lost Prophets




Report #5 from the Battlefields

After endless times of retreats, withdraws and the loss of Power.

We have a Day where we can celebrate glorious Victories!

We defeated the ASF on every of their Targets and Battlefields.

Sadly this was not done without having own Casualties

The ASF was not able to overtake Cambridge, brutal Battles was neccesary to proof it.

Skirmishes at Frankfurt by them was repeled and they was thrown back to the black holes they was coming from.

Shikoku is either after unprovoked Skirmishes still in our Hands and remains free, as it is for Colorado.

The Battle for Kepler was a great success too and we managed to fr...

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