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Crossfire Wiki

Please make your choice.

This wiki was made with the help of:

|PX|Dark Raven
|PX|Darco (who did not realy know that he was helping)
oh yes, i was also here codeing it |PX|Daywalker

additional for my side

6,8 kg of arabic coffee
24 l of finest irish beer
40 l water
round about 372 cigarettes
round about 8 kg choclate and other sweets
65 in the beginning plain sheets of paper
2 pencils
and some hundred hours of time

special thanks goes to SWAT Operator the creator of the Freelancer Crossfire Mod and the Dev Team of it.


Pirates, Policemen, Smugglers and fellow Merceneries are free to use and link this wiki for a small fee ^^ – an Info in our Forum and a Link to our page will make the trick. Thanks in advance.