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Nickname Status Country Join Date Ranking
Daywalker  active 2008-08-11 High CouncilSpekulatoris
Chris  active 2009-04-21 High CouncilVenatores
Shockwave  active 2009-03-10 High CouncilPraetoris
Darco  active 2008-08-12 Knights AssemblyVenatores
StephanoV  active 2009-03-01 Knights AssemblyPraetoris
Soryn  active 2009-02-22 Knights AssemblySpekulatoris
Grampahun  active 2009-04-04 Knights AssemblySpekulatoris
Dark_Raven  active 2009-09-20 Knights AssemblyVenatores
Far  active 2010-09-28 Knights AssemblyVenatores
Eblis  active 2011-04-30 Knights AssemblyVenatores
Mig30  active 2008-08-25 Knights AssemblyVenatores
Phoenix  active 2009-07-13 Knights AssemblyPraetoris
Son of Angmar  active 2010-12-20 Venatores
The Elusive One  active 2011-01-08 Spekulatoris
The Bearded Man  active 2011-09-02 Venatores
Nathan  active 2011-07-09 Venatores
Prototype  active 2011-12-27 Venatores
Zangetshu  active 2009-02-03 Venatores
Phantom2580  active 2009-06-07 Venatores
Cyclone  active 2011-03-16 Venatores
Prototype   active 2011-08-20 Venatores
Bitzy  active 2009-08-24 Venatores
Fincrack  inactive 2009-10-27 Venatores
Zyrex  inactive 2009-03-13 Venatores
RGP50  inactive 2009-05-10 Venatores
Moska  inactive 2009-02-02 Venatores
Nitro  inactive 2009-06-07 Venatores
TommyT  inactive 2009-07-16 Venatores
BadBoy  inactive 2009-10-11 Venatores
MikeB  inactive 2009-07-06 Venatores
Tuvok  inactive 2009-04-10 Venatores
Maniakje  inactive 2009-08-15 Venatores
Snowman  inactive 2009-11-20 Venatores
Astaroth  inactive 2010-01-18 Venatores
Konung  inactive 2009-08-29 Venatores
MHEnrique   inactive 2010-03-28 Venatores
bavaria  inactive 2010-02-03 Venatores
Endencentor  inactive 2010-02-04 Venatores
Cade  inactive 2009-12-12 Venatores
Inda_The_Mighty  inactive 2010-06-15 Venatores
Zozzik  inactive 2010-07-20 Venatores
Azadur  inactive 2009-02-25 Venatores
Black Arrow  inactive 2009-02-25 Venatores
Feuerdrache  inactive 2010-10-27 Venatores
Toombs  inactive 2009-10-01 Venatores