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Capture the Fly

…is a Team Game based on Starfliers.

Nothing going on but you wanna have a team fight?

Try this:

what you need:

Two Teams, every Team one bribed Starflyer minimum 6 Players.

Two Systems with another System in the middle. Like for example Helios and Tarsus (or Vega or whatelse).

The Goal is to get your Teams Starflyer docked at the Planets in the other System or to frag the other Teams Starflyer.

Server Rules are valid, the Starfliers are allowed to reload.

Example: Team Helios and Team Tarsus

The Starflyer of Team Helios is docked at Planet Prophesy in Tarsus, his Escort is allowed to be somewhere in Tarsus but have to be docked somewhere in Tarsus before so they can not respawn in the opposite System.

The Starflyer of Team Tarsus is docked at Planet Eton in Helios, his Escort is allowed t...

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