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Planet Roma

Diameter: 7314.9 km
Mass: 3.43 x10e24 kg
Terrain: oceanic
Temperature: -42°C/53°C
Escape Velocity: 6.47 km/sec

After the Nomad Wars, the Liberty government revealed that it had used the resources of Roma to develop new ships and equipment for the conflict, classified for security purposes, of course. Its research facilities remain classified, but Roma is now integrated into the Sirius economy.

Owner: Liberty Police, Inc. 

Shortname: Police
System: Purian Lake  
Territory: (Fallen)




Armet L. F. Shield  1 1000
Adv. Armet L. F. Shield  2 1720
Armet H. F. Shield  1 1080
Cuisse L. F. Shield  3 3660




Javelin Missile  1 500
Slingshot Missile  3 1830
Skyrail Turret  4 3710
Wasp Cruise Disruptor  2 1830
Eraser Missile  1 500
Adv. Skyrail Turret  5 7460
Skyrail  4 3710
Ripper  4 3710
Sweeper Missile  4 3710
Adv. Skyrail  5 7460
Adv. Ripper  5 7460
Mine Price
Wardog Mine  1830
Drone Mine  500
Thruster Price
Deluxe Thruster  3000
Heavy Thruster  5000
Ship Class Price
Freedom X-Interceptor   fighter 8.318.880
Anubis  fighter 205.300

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