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Station Reese

Class: Zeus
Gravity: complete
Docking: yes
Amenities: yes
Population: 2k

Station Reese, built by the Liberty Navy in haste in order to have a jump point to fight the Nomad War, has turned itself into haven for Pirates, with a lucrative Cardamine trade with the Planet Gortyn. The Station also serves at the main facility for the Lost Prophets Pirates syndicate, where they violently tax Traders in the adjoining systems.

Owner: Liberty Police, Inc. 

Shortname: Police
System: Daedalus  
Territory: {LP}




Adv. Armet H. F. Shield  2 1860
Armet Fr. Shield  1 1270
Cuisse H. F. Shield  3 3950
Armet L. F. Shield  1 1000
Adv. Armet Fr. Shield  2 2190
Adv. Armet L. F. Shield  2 1720
Cuisse Fr. Shield  3 4650
Armet H. F. Shield  1 1080
Cuisse L. F. Shield  3 3660




Javelin Missile  1 500
Stalker Missile  1 650
Slingshot Missile  3 1830
Skyrail Turret  4 3710
Wasp Cruise Disruptor  2 1830
Eraser Missile  1 500
Windstalker Missile  3 2380
Adv. Skyrail Turret  5 7460
Skyrail  4 3710
Ripper  4 3710
Hornet Cruise Disruptor  2 54810
Sweeper Missile  4 3710
Adv. Skyrail  5 7460
Adv. Ripper  5 7460
Mine Price
Wardog Mine  1830
Seeker Mine  860
Razor Mine  3710
Drone Mine  500
Thruster Price
Deluxe Thruster  3000
Heavy Thruster  5000
Ship Class Price
Crusader   fighter 8.230.213
Tempest   fighter 8.243.003
Interloper   fighter 342.903

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