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Faction | |PX| Clan
Freelancer Community Network



Shortname: Junkers


ALLIES:   None
ENEMIES:  Hogosha, Xenos, House Corporations

Junkers are an itinerant population of unknown origin who comb debris fields looking for scrap and equipment that can either be repurposed or sold for cash.


Base Base Owner System
Planet Manhattan Liberty Police, Inc. New York
Planet Pittsburgh Deep Space Engineering New York
Benford Station Liberty Police, Inc. New York
Newark Station Interspace Commerce New York
Rochester Base Junkers New York
Baltimore Shipyard Deep Space Engineering New York
Battleship Osiris The Order New York
LPI Huntsville Liberty Police, Inc. Texas
LPI Sugarland Liberty Police, Inc. Texas
Battleship Osiris The Order Texas
Southampton Shipyard BMM New London
Battleship Suffolk Bretonia Armed Forces New London
BPA Newgate Bretonia Police Manchester
Oder Shipyard Rheinland Military New Berlin
Planet Hamburg Rheinland Police Hamburg
Battleship Westfalen Rheinland Military Hamburg
Mannheim Station Kruger Minerals Frankfurt
Leipzig Station Daumann Heavy Construction Dresden
Helgoland Station ALG Waste Disposal Sigma-13
Yanagi Depot Junkers Sigma-13
Planet Kurile Samura Industries Sigma-17
Tilsit Dock Liberty Police, Inc. Wheel of Sirius
Venlo Dock Liberty Police, Inc. Wheel of Sirius
Peris Station Liberty Police, Inc. Vega
Octo Station ALG Waste Disposal Telosis
Toral Station Liberty Police, Inc. Seltos
Planet Tobruk ALG Waste Disposal Neophobos
Core Station Liberty Police, Inc. Casius
Planet Issos Liberty Police, Inc. Arena
Planet Blood Bretonia Police Custodian
Planet Baso Liberty Police, Inc. Custodian
Planet Monoc ALG Waste Disposal Custodian
Karnak Prison Kruger Minerals Vega
Ghats Prison Junkers Neophobos
Planet Vernon Deep Space Engineering Vespus
Murcia Station Kruger Minerals Enigma
Order Military HQ The Order Sol

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