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Orbital Spa and Cruise

Shortname: Spa and Cruise


ALLIES: LSF, Liberty Navy, Liberty Corporations
ENEMIES: Gaians, Outcasts, Criminals

Orbital Spa and Cruise operates an array of resorts and luxury liners throughout the Sirius Sector.


Base Base Owner System
Planet Manhattan Liberty Police, Inc. New York
Planet Pittsburgh Deep Space Engineering New York
Battleship Missouri Liberty Navy New York
Benford Station Liberty Police, Inc. New York
Newark Station Interspace Commerce New York
West Point Military Academy Liberty Navy New York
Fort Bush Liberty Police, Inc. New York
Buffalo Base Liberty Rogues New York
Battleship Osiris The Order New York
Battleship Rio Grande Liberty Navy Colorado
Planet Houston Liberty Police, Inc. Texas
LPI Huntsville Liberty Police, Inc. Texas
Battleship Mississippi Liberty Navy Texas
Battleship Osiris The Order Texas
Southampton Shipyard BMM New London
Battleship Suffolk Bretonia Armed Forces New London
Waterloo Station Interspace Commerce New London
Canterbury Station Planetform, Inc. New London
Birmingham Station BMM Manchester
Sheffield Station Bounty Hunters Guild Manchester
Liverpool Border Station Bretonia Police Manchester
Kingston Border Station Bretonia Police Manchester
Planet Cambridge Bretonia Police Cambridge
Stokes Mining Station BMM Leeds
Glasgow Outpost Border World Exports Leeds
Battleship Hood Independent Miners Guild Dublin
Aberdeen Border Station Bretonia Police Edinburgh
Islay Base Gaians Edinburgh
Planet New Tokyo Kusari State Police New Tokyo
Narita Outpost Kusari State Police New Tokyo
Yokohama Shipyard Samura Industries New Tokyo
Roppongi Station Interspace Commerce New Tokyo
Shinagawa Station Kishiro Technologies New Tokyo
Battleship Myoko Kusari Naval Forces Shikoku
Planet Junyo Kusari State Police Shikoku
Planet Kyushu Kusari State Police Kyushu
Osaka Storage Facility Samura Industries Honshu
Yukawa Shipyard Kishiro Technologies Honshu
Kansai Research Station Kusari Naval Forces Honshu
Battleship Matsumoto Kusari Naval Forces Hokkaido
Oder Shipyard Rheinland Military New Berlin
Dortmund Station ALG Waste Disposal New Berlin
Kreuzberg Depot Junkers New Berlin
Battleship Westfalen Rheinland Military Hamburg
Vierlande Prison Rheinland Police Hamburg
Alster Shipyard Republican Shipping Hamburg
Altona Station Republican Shipping Hamburg
Lübeck Border Station Rheinland Police Hamburg
Battleship Osiris The Order Hamburg
Planet Baden Baden Orbital Spa and Cruise Stuttgart
Freiburg Station Republican Shipping Stuttgart
Ulm Border Station Rheinland Police Stuttgart
Konstanz Border Station Rheinland Police Stuttgart
Barrow Base Xenos Hudson
Montezuma Base Liberty Rogues Cortez
Gas Miner Ogashawa Gas Miners Guild Sigma-19
Cali Base Outcasts Tau-23
Mostar Dock Bretonia Police Wheel of Sirius
Lagos Dock Deep Space Engineering Wheel of Sirius
Tilsit Dock Liberty Police, Inc. Wheel of Sirius
Station Hope Bretonia Police Tarsus
Planet Aventin Deep Space Engineering Vega
Peris Station Liberty Police, Inc. Vega
Empire Station Bretonia Police Helios
Planet Tojo Deep Space Engineering Seltos
Toral Station Liberty Police, Inc. Seltos
Jade Outpost Bretonia Police Regalis
Planet Rodez Liberty Police, Inc. Casius
Core Station Liberty Police, Inc. Casius
Planet Blood Bretonia Police Custodian
Planet Granu Deep Space Engineering Custodian
Planet Baso Liberty Police, Inc. Custodian
Shingu Station Blood Dragons Hiruga
Orion Outpost Bretonia Police Oasis
Planet Vienna Universal Shipping Purian Lake
Karnak Prison Kruger Minerals Vega
Enugu Station Liberty Police, Inc. Seltos
Ghats Prison Junkers Neophobos
Karun Shipyard Hogosha Regalis
Lith Station Rheinland Police Nephele
Order Military HQ The Order Sol
Planet New Berlin Rheinland Police New Berlin
Battleship Bismark ALG Waste Disposal Utopia

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