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Faction | |PX| Clan
Freelancer Community Network


Planetform, Inc.

Shortname: Planetform


ALLIES: Bretonia Police, Bretonia Armed Forces, Bretonia Corporations
ENEMIES: Gaians, Outcasts, Criminals

 Planetform Inc. specializes in the terraforming of non-viable planets in Bretonia and elsewhere.


Base Base Owner System
California Minor Planetform, Inc. California
Battleship Yukon Liberty Navy California
Willard Research Station Liberty Navy California
San Diego Border Station Liberty Police, Inc. California
Alcatraz Depot Liberty Rogues California
Battleship Rio Grande Liberty Navy Colorado
Planet Houston Liberty Police, Inc. Texas
Southampton Shipyard BMM New London
Battleship Suffolk Bretonia Armed Forces New London
Waterloo Station Interspace Commerce New London
Canterbury Station Planetform, Inc. New London
Thames Outpost BMM New London
Kensington Shipping Platform Gateway Shipping New London
Trafalgar Base Junkers New London
Birmingham Station BMM Manchester
Sheffield Station Bounty Hunters Guild Manchester
Liverpool Border Station Bretonia Police Manchester
Kingston Border Station Bretonia Police Manchester
Planet Cambridge Bretonia Police Cambridge
Stokes Mining Station BMM Leeds
Battleship York Bretonia Armed Forces Leeds
Glasgow Outpost Border World Exports Leeds
LD-14 BMM Leeds
Durham Border Station Bretonia Police Leeds
Battleship Hood Independent Miners Guild Dublin
Aberdeen Border Station Bretonia Police Edinburgh
Islay Base Gaians Edinburgh
Planet New Tokyo Kusari State Police New Tokyo
Mactan Base Lane Hackers Magellan
Holman Outpost Independent Miners Guild Tau-31
Freeport 10 Zoners Tau-37
Lagos Dock Deep Space Engineering Wheel of Sirius
Neutro Station Liberty Police, Inc. Custodian
Crossfire Dock 1 Liberty Police, Inc. X-3043
Planet Aventin Deep Space Engineering Vega
Planet Eton Zoners Helios
Planet Tojo Deep Space Engineering Seltos
Planet Lima Zoners Regalis
Planet Rodez Liberty Police, Inc. Casius
Planet Blood Bretonia Police Custodian
Planet Granu Deep Space Engineering Custodian
Outpost Epsilon Outcasts Enyo
Tekagis Base Border World Exports Tohoku
Atsugi Naval Shipyards Kusari Naval Forces Tohoku
Juneau Shipyard Liberty Navy Alaska
Orion Outpost Bretonia Police Oasis
Planet Vienna Universal Shipping Purian Lake
Karnak Prison Kruger Minerals Vega
Enugu Station Liberty Police, Inc. Seltos
Lith Station Rheinland Police Nephele

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