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Faction | |PX| Clan
Freelancer Community Network



Shortname: Zoners



Zoners are a diverse group of individuals who, for various reasons, have decided to live in the wild and unregulated systems outside of colonial control.


Base Base Owner System
Planet Leeds Bretonia Police Leeds
Battleship Westfalen Rheinland Military Hamburg
Freeport 2 Zoners Bering
Barrow Base Xenos Hudson
Dawson Base Liberty Rogues Hudson
Battleship Osiris The Order Hudson
Nome Base Xenos Kepler
Leiden Base Lane Hackers Galileo
Rugen Station Daumann Heavy Construction Omega-3
Douglas Station BMM Omega-3
Baxter Research Station Bretonia Police Omega-3
Ronneburg Base Red Hessians Omega-5
Freistadt Base Independent Miners Guild Omega-7
Helgoland Station ALG Waste Disposal Sigma-13
Yanagi Depot Junkers Sigma-13
Planet Kurile Samura Industries Sigma-17
Atka Research Station Cryer Pharmaceuticals Sigma-17
Luxury Liner Hawaii Orbital Spa and Cruise Sigma-19
Tau-31 Gate Construction Site BMM Tau-23
Nago Station Kishiro Technologies Tau-29
Freeport 6 Zoners Tau-29
Planet Harris Planetform, Inc. Tau-31
Falkland Base Independent Miners Guild Tau-37
Ruiz Base Outcasts Omicron Beta
Freeport 9 Zoners Omicron Theta
Planet Malta Outcasts Omicron Alpha
Mostar Dock Bretonia Police Wheel of Sirius
Station Hope Bretonia Police Tarsus
Empire Station Bretonia Police Helios
Jade Outpost Bretonia Police Regalis
Planet Blood Bretonia Police Custodian
Sakamoto Outpost Zoners Hiruga
Nagara Outpost Blood Dragons Hiruga
Kobe Station Kusari State Police Hiruga
Shingu Station Blood Dragons Hiruga
Ice Palace Bretonia Police Sea of Shadows
Cathedral Outpost Liberty Police, Inc. Planet Lost Paradise
Karnak Prison Kruger Minerals Vega

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