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Settled Planets: None
Bases: Graves Station, BattleshipHood BattleshipEssex
Corporations Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing, Independent Mining Guild,
Criminals: Mollys,
Produces: Gold


Bases in Dublin




Battleship Hood  Independent Miners Guild  IMG 
Mining Station Glorious  The Order  Order 
Graves Station  BMM  BMM 
Battleship Essex  Bretonia Armed Forces  Armed Forces 
Arranmore Base  Mollys  Mollys 
Wreck Positions
Wreckname    Loc.     Hazard    Equipment    Goods   
Scargill     6E         2 Dublin Dusters MkII, 1 Angelito Turret MkI     20 Gold    
Storm     6D         2 Adv. Rippers, 8 Javelins (2 launchers), 20 Drone Mines, 5 Wasps, 20 CM        

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