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Settled Planets: Leeds
Bases: LD-14, Stokes Mining Station, Glasgow Outpost, BattleshipYork Border Station Durham, Corporations Bowex, Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing,
Criminals: Mollys, Gaians, Outcasts,
Produces: MOX, Mining Machinery, Construction Machinery, Side Arms, Hull Panels, Basic Alloys, Super Alloys, Terraforming Gases, Toxic Waste, Niobium


Bases in Leeds




Planet Leeds  Bretonia Police  Police  
Stokes Mining Station  BMM  BMM 
Battleship York  Bretonia Armed Forces  Armed Forces 
Glasgow Outpost  Border World Exports  Bowex 
LD-14  BMM  BMM 
Durham Border Station  Bretonia Police  Police  
Wreck Positions
Wreckname    Loc.     Hazard    Equipment    Goods   
Lorenzo     2C         2 Pyro Type 2, 1 Dragoon Turret Type 1     20 Cardamine    
San Vicente     6D         2 Dragoon Type 2, 1 Dragoon Turret Type 1        

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