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Imp Missile Launcher Information:

Missile explodes on proximity of the target, destroying or disabling the shields of any enemy ships within the blast zone.

Price: 3710
Power Usage: 0
Damage per Fire: 0
Refire Delay: 0.25
    Shield Damage: 1264
Hull Damage: 31.6
Shield Damage per Sec.: 0
Hull Damage per Sec.: 0
    Seeker Range: 1000

Max Range: 2071.39
Class: 4

Places to purchase the Imp Missile Launcher:

Base System Territory Faction
Hefei Ore Refinery  New Hongkong  COALITION  Coalition 
Lanzhou Shipyard  New Hongkong  COALITION  Coalition 
Charkow Outpost  Sovetskaya   COALITION  Coalition 
Baku Station  Sovetskaya   COALITION  Coalition 
Coalition HQ  Vorkuta  COALITION  Coalition 
Maskat Station  New Mekka  COALITION  BMM 
Planet Medina  New Mekka  COALITION  Coalition 

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