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Ripper Mine Information:

HM-i “Ripper” Homing Mine Dropper

The Ripper combines the most advanced “seeking technology” available along with an enormous charge and array of anti-ship elements to embody one of the most feared weapons in any arsenal. The Ripper is quite possibly the nastiest and most lethal support weapon in Sirius.

*Requires Ripper Mine

Price: 144580
Detonation Distance: 4
Owner Save Time: 4
Seeker Range: 400
    Top Speed: 60
Detonation Radius: 16
Hull Damage: 326
Shield Damage: 163

Places to purchase the Ripper Mine:

Base System Territory Faction
Planet Issos  Arena   EVENT  Liberty Police, Inc. 
Outpost Delta  Nephele   [UR]  Bundschuh 
Outpost Epsilon  Enyo   CROSSFIRE  Outcasts 
Outpost Zeta  Enigma   CROSSFIRE  Corsairs 
Outpost Psi  Sekar   CROSSFIRE  Corsairs 

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