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Strike Mine Information:

Strike EMP Mine

This new EMP mine is the most powerful on the market, detonating with such a powerful blast that the energy drain on the victim can drain all but the toughest shields in one blast. This mine is regarded as the mine to take into the Omicron, Sigma, Tau, and Omega systems.

Price: 120480
Detonation Distance: 4
Owner Save Time: 4
Seeker Range: 400
    Top Speed: 60
Detonation Radius: 16
Hull Damage: 326
Shield Damage: 163

Places to purchase the Strike Mine:

Base System Territory Faction
Planet Manhattan  New York  LIBERTY  Liberty Police, Inc. 
Planet New London  New London  BRETONIA  Bretonia Police 
Planet New Tokyo  New Tokyo  KUSARI  Kusari State Police 
Planet New Berlin  New Berlin  RHEINLAND  Rheinland Police 
Planet Malta  Omicron Alpha  OUTCASTS  Outcasts 

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