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Hornet Cruise Disruptor Information:

CD89b “Hornet” Cruise Disruptor Missile Launcher

Based on the design of the Wasp, the Hornet makes use of several key improvements and is largely considered the fastest missile available today. As with the Wasp, the Hornet has little or no conventional effect in combat, however it is extremely effective against ships that have either engaged their cruise engines or are about to do so. Targets that endure an attack from the Hornet remain unable to engage their cruise engines until the field effects that this very valuable piece of weaponry produces wear off.

*Requires Hornet Missile

Price: 54810
Power Usage: 0
Damage per Fire: 0
Refire Delay: 1
    Shield Damage: 79.5
Hull Damage: 159
Shield Damage per Sec.: 0
Hull Damage per Sec.: 0
    Seeker Range: 3000

Max Range: 3750.19
Class: 2

Places to purchase the Hornet Cruise Disruptor:

Base System Territory Faction
Sidewinder Station  Alaska  |PX|  Border World Exports 
Ryuku Base  Tohoku  DC  Border World Exports 
Tekagis Base  Tohoku  DC  Border World Exports 
Cadiz Base  Omega-5  BORDER WORLDS  Corsairs 
Ronneburg Base  Omega-5  BORDER WORLDS  Red Hessians 
Freital Base  Omega-11  BORDER WORLDS  Red Hessians 
Freeport 10  Tau-37  EDGE WORLDS  Zoners 
Falkland Base  Tau-37  EDGE WORLDS  Independent Miners Guild 
Ruiz Base  Omicron Beta  EDGE WORLDS  Outcasts 
Leon Base  Omega-41  EDGE WORLDS  Corsairs 
Freeport 5  Omega-41  EDGE WORLDS  Zoners 
Freeport 9  Omicron Theta  EDGE WORLDS  Zoners 
Planet Malta  Omicron Alpha  OUTCASTS  Outcasts 
Planet Crete  Omicron Gamma  CORSAIRS  Corsairs 
Tripoli Shipyard  Omicron Gamma  CORSAIRS  Corsairs 
Neutro Station  Custodian   BG  Liberty Police, Inc. 
Planet Blood  Custodian   BG  Bretonia Police 
Planet Granu  Custodian   BG  Deep Space Engineering 
Planet Baso  Custodian   BG  Liberty Police, Inc. 
Planet Monoc  Custodian   BG  ALG Waste Disposal 
Planet Crossfire  X-3043   CROSSFIRE  Border World Exports 
Planet Prophecy  Tarsus   [CFPD]  Zoners 
Station Hope  Tarsus   [CFPD]  Bretonia Police 
Planet Aventin  Vega   CROSSFIRE  Deep Space Engineering 
Peris Station  Vega   CROSSFIRE  Liberty Police, Inc. 
Octo Station  Telosis   CROSSFIRE  ALG Waste Disposal 
Planet Kappa  Telosis   CROSSFIRE  Bretonia Armed Forces 
Station Reese  Daedalus   {LP}  Liberty Police, Inc. 
Planet Gortyn  Daedalus   {LP}  Border World Exports 
Planet Eton  Helios   CROSSFIRE  Zoners 
Empire Station  Helios   CROSSFIRE  Bretonia Police 
Planet Tojo  Seltos  CROSSFIRE  Deep Space Engineering 
Toral Station  Seltos  CROSSFIRE  Liberty Police, Inc. 
Planet Tobruk  Neophobos   CROSSFIRE  ALG Waste Disposal 
Battleship Pollux  Neophobos   CROSSFIRE  Bretonia Armed Forces 
Planet Legacy  Vespus   CROSSFIRE  Universal Shipping 
Proxima Station  Vespus   CROSSFIRE  Border World Exports 
Planet Lima  Regalis   CROSSFIRE  Zoners 
Jade Outpost  Regalis   CROSSFIRE  Bretonia Police 
Planet Rodez  Casius   (IOC)  Liberty Police, Inc. 
Core Station  Casius   (IOC)  Liberty Police, Inc. 
Planet Issos  Arena   EVENT  Liberty Police, Inc. 
Sakamoto Outpost  Hiruga  SMG  Zoners 
Campos Station  Tarsus   [CFPD]  Ageira Technologies 
Karnak Prison  Vega   CROSSFIRE  Kruger Minerals 
Perg Shipyard  Telosis   CROSSFIRE  LWB 
Carmona Shipyard  Daedalus   {LP}  Corsairs 
Capua Station  Helios   CROSSFIRE  Bretonia Police 
Enugu Station  Seltos  CROSSFIRE  Liberty Police, Inc. 
Ghats Prison  Neophobos   CROSSFIRE  Junkers 
Planet Vernon  Vespus   CROSSFIRE  Deep Space Engineering 
Karun Shipyard  Regalis   CROSSFIRE  Hogosha 
Lhasa Station  Casius   (IOC)  Samura Industries 
Saba Station  Enyo   CROSSFIRE  Kruger Minerals 
Quetzal Station  Enyo   CROSSFIRE  Daumann Heavy Construction 
Lynen Station  Sekar   CROSSFIRE  Xenos 
Shiras Station  Sekar   CROSSFIRE  Samura Industries 
Pescara Station  Enigma   CROSSFIRE  Rheinland Police 
Novara Station  Enigma   CROSSFIRE  Republican Shipping 
Murcia Station  Enigma   CROSSFIRE  Kruger Minerals 
Severn Station  Nephele   [UR]  Bretonia Police 
Lith Station  Nephele   [UR]  Rheinland Police 

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