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Freelancer Crossfire 1.9 Mod Preview Pictures

Freelancer Crossfire 1.9 preview Pictures

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Fellow Warriors of the Confederated Strike Force
Dragon Corps Fallen Sirius Marauders Gang LostProphets Knights of Mercy







Lost Prophets




Report #5 from the Battlefields

After endless times of retreats, withdraws and the loss of Power.

We have a Day where we can celebrate glorious Victories!

We defeated the ASF on every of their Targets and Battlefields.

Sadly this was not done without having own Casualties

The ASF was not able to overtake Cambridge, brutal Battles was neccesary to proof it.

Skirmishes at Frankfurt by them was repeled and they was thrown back to the black holes they was coming from.

Shikoku is either after unprovoked Skirmishes still in our Hands and remains free, as it is for Colorado.

The Battle for Kepler was a great success too and we managed to fr...

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Crossfire 1.82 Video Tribute

Thanks to Galactus the Creator of this Video for sharing it.

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Freelancer Crossfire 1.82 released

Crossfire: The Inner Core: Version 1.82

Crossfire in its newest version 1.82 includes many bug fixes that are related to the single player campaign as well as the multiplayer game. You might consider Crossfire the biggest modding project related to all other Freelancer Mods currently outside. Its size is compressed 7 times bigger than the previous version 1.7. Hence you can be sure that it improves graphics, AI and offers an advanced logical extension of the original story and with that a huge compilation of new systems, new alien races to fight, a lot of new ships, hidden data, wrecks, a lot of new guns, ships. Especially for the multiplayer part new quests have been added that are very close to the original story...

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The Bretonia was one of the last sleeper ships to arrive in the Sirius Sector, almost twenty years after the Liberty, Kusari, and Rheinland had made planetfall on what became their respective homeworlds. In the chaos of Exodus, the starboard engine array of the Bretonia was destroyed, requiring her to limp the rest of the way to Sirius.

By the time the Bretonia arrived, most of the resource rich areas of the sector had already been claimed by the passengers of the Rheinland and Kusari, while the Liberty had settled the lush planets at the sector core. Bretonia was forced to select a less than ideal site near the Barrier, a giant belt of ice that spans the entire western half of the Sirius Sector...

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