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Houston we had a Problem

Due to an upgrade bug, the Forum ended up not usable for you the last few hours.

The Problem is solved and you can use it again. Thanks for your patience and happy posting 😉

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ASF/CSF Captain Drakons Reports from the Front

Captain’s Log: April 20th, 2749

Well, well… haven’t things changed? You’ll have to pardon the noise in the background; I do believe there is a party being thrown down in the mess. Why that is I’ll get to in a moment. First let me record some of the day’s earlier events. We had problems with pirates all morning, first of all. They kept playing cat and mouse with the CWO. In and out of sensor range… taunting and sneering but never quite in gunning range… without his usual cup of coffee the frustration really wasn’t hidden. Barracudas arrived to back the buggers up at one point. Seemed as though Mr. Hockardy was finally going to get some well-deserved kills, but good timing on the part of our allies sent them bugging out before anything further could develop. Hyogo was joined by

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Members in Game Pictures

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ASF/CSF Roleplay

Last Reports from the Front was send by PX Black Arrow to the PX council as report – we can see that massive Battles was taking Place in the Sigma Systems.

The ASF Newspaper in their latest Articles statet both a win and a loss of a System as success.

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1.8 Informations

In 1.8 the Juneau Shipyard wil be dockable – thanks to SWAT Operator we will have a new Station in our Clans System in 1.8 !!!

Additions to the changelog (18th March 2009):

Kress’s Men rank design fixed
Quintaine’s Men rank design fixed
Fugitive rank design fixed
Zoners rank design fixed
Tohoku -> X-3043 jumpgate exclusion added
Atsugi Naval Shipyards added
Juneau Shipyard made dockable now
Telossis Tradelane exclusion fixed
Seltos Tradelane exclusion fixed
Seltos Roid miners added
Neophobos Tradelane exclusions fixed
Vespus Tradelane exclusion fixed
Regalis Tradelane exclusion fixed
Planet Lima exclusion fixed
Death Valley nebula resized
Seltos blackhole spin reduced
Inner Cloud asteroid fields adjusted
The Corridor sun bug fixed
Far Point asteroid bug fixed
encounters rebuild
encounter ...

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