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Blood Guard

The Relationships between the Knights of Mercy and Bloodguard are under Investigation. Take care about unexpected attacks, always defend yourself if necessary and report in – compare this Situation with DEFCON 3.

sealed by


Knight of the Council

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Bounty on K41 is stopped

SFP Command posted a Fullstop, see our Froum for i:


Please post your evidence screens here in the related thread or on SWAT to get the pay for it.

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Bounty Hunters get ready

The |PX| Council was made aware of a Bounty on the entire Clan [K41].

As already written in our Forum – we would like to encourage you to get those Guys. Every Screenshot with a fragmessage will be rewarded with 2 Million Credits from SFP Command.

Happy hunting

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Site News

Just so you all know,

the Players Online Module is back and working.

Sorry for it´s downtime.

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Just joined by two new Mates we are not able to recruit you atm. Our Focus is still on their future standing.

We would be glad if you check back later in our Forums application section – or just write an eMail via the contact form over here.

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